Things we know to be true

We first wrote these things when WorkSation Industries was just a few years old. From time to time we revisit this list to see if if still holds true. We hope it does_and you can hold us to that.

1. Focus on the customers wants and needs.

Since the beginning, we’ve focused on providing the best technical furniture possible. Whether we’re designing a new product or a new tweak to the functionality of an existing product, we take great care to ensure that they will ultimately serve you, rather than our own internal goal or bottom line.

2. It’s best to do one thing really, really well.

We do technical furniture. Through continued iteration on difficult problems, we’ve been able to solve complex issues and provide continuous improvements to our products and services that already makes perfecting any workplace a fast and seamless experience for businesses and organizations.

3. Fast is better than slow.

We know your time is valuable, so when you’re seeking an answer, 3D model, or shipment you want it right away-and we aim to please. Our goal is to get you what you need as soon as possible. By increasing the efficiency on our end allows WSI customers to focus on being productive in their workplace. And we continue to work on making it all go even faster.

4. You can be serious without a suit.

Our founders built WorkStation Industries around the idea that work should be challenging, and the challenge should be fun. We believe that amazing, creative things are more likely to happen with the right company culture–and that doesn’t just mean lava lamps and rubber balls. There is an emphasis on team achievements and pride in individual accomplishments that contribute to WSI’s overall success. We put great stock in our employees–energetic, passionate people from diverse backgrounds with creative approaches to work, play and life. Our atmosphere may be casual, but as new ideas emerge in a the break room, at a team meeting or at the gym, they are traded, tested and put into practice with dizzying speed–and they may be the launch pad for a new project destined for worldwide use.

5. Great just isn’t good enough.

We see being great at something as a starting point, not an endpoint. We set ourselves goals we know we can’t reach yet, because we know that by stretching to meet them we can get further than we expected. Through innovation and iteration, we aim to take things that work well and improve upon them in unexpected ways.

Even if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, finding an answer is our problem, not yours. We try to anticipate needs not yet articulated by our global audience, and meet them with products and services that set new standards. Those are the kinds of changes we seek to make, and we’re always looking for new places where we can make a difference. Ultimately, our constant dissatisfaction with the way things are becomes the driving force behind everything we do.