blue powder coated ductless fume hood

Ductless fume hood

Reasons for purchasing a ductless fume hood. 1) You want to extract fume within the work area, 2) You want to extract fume yet yo do want want to put in a full overhead costly duct system.  Unlike conventional fume hoods, the ductless hoods filter out chemical fumes
and recycle air directly back to the laboratory, providing energy savings, personnel and environmental protection, here are features and bennifets of a ductless system:


  • No installation hassle.
  • Mobile, flexible and is easy to relocate.
  • No ductwork required.
  • No exhaust system required.
  • Saves the need for elaborate make-up air systems, in turn saving running costs required to condition make-up ar
The “GREEN” solution

  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Does not discharge toxic gases to the environment.
  • Saves energy and reduces total carbon footprint.

  • Can be mounted to any existing lab cabinet
  • Can be purchased with a PB frame bench
  • Use much less energy and power rot run
  • Uses less real-estate in you lab
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