flexable ergonomic modular workstation

Modular Workstations

Ergonomics and flexibility in a workstation is paramount when making the decision to purchase the work station you need.  The C2 workstations are UL listed for structural integrity and for its electrical system. UL just finished testing all WSI benches for integrity and the work surface was tested to meet various standards for fire rating.  With the C2 double sided bench you appreciate the value when interconnecting bench to bench to make a row of benches. Utilities can be interconnected as well.  By doing this, there are less power and/or data drops.  Why pay for two electricians at $150 per hr, when all the work can be per-assembled at our facility, at no additional cost.  ESD grounded, if applicable,  is also able to be interconnected by using the green wire ground provided at every work surface, simply connect the provided green wire ground to the work surface ground bolt then the work surface will be grounded.  Overhead utility duct ways can carry power, data and air from bench to bench and is easily manageable with a lift off cover.  Once the cover is lifted off , all the utilities are managed within steel partitions to protected the integrity of the data communication wires.

Bring all the utilities down from the ceiling and into a WSI power pole or up from the ground and into the C2 upright.  Either method will allow the utilities to be interconnected, once in the uprights.

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