Utility Options

Our Utility Options can be customized for use on our Concept 2000 and Production Workbenches.

C2UDW – Utility Duct

Utility duct way with data, air or gas shielded partitions.  The utility chase mounts above the work surface and in between the uprights and can be interconnected from upright to upright, and bench to bench,  (UL Listed when ordered with the C2 bench)

UDW – Utility Duct Mounts

Utility duct way mounts under the work surface to manage cables from upright to upright or in between the PB legs

C2 Power Poles

C2 Power Pole, attaches to any new or existing C2 upright for wire drops from ceiling.  Comes standard with a conduit landing bracket for utilities, (Power, Data, Air or Gas) to tie into and cover shroud.  Power pole comes within 3” short of the ceiling, specify height of ceiling when ordering.

Air System – ADS C2 or ADS PB

For interconnecting air from bench to bench.  Mounts in front beam, Hostler mount ADSH-C2 or –PB, comes with one female coupler, interconnecting hose, and pigtail hose for incoming source.
Air System

Data Option

Integrated into the DEC-EL box upright or power pole with data shielding.  Specify Cat5 or Cat6 and length of patch if you want WSI to provide you with the patch cords or just the port opening and shielding in the upright DEC- Box.
Data Option