Additional Worksurface Options

Standard HPL Laminate,     ESD Laminate,     Chemical Laminate

Epoxy Resin Tops,     Phenolic Resin Surfaces,     Stainless Steel Surface

Standard high pressure laminate (HPL) is used on all standard work bench work surfaces, shelves, carts etc.  It is very common to have a standard laminate upper or lower shelf when using an ESD work surface.

  • Standard 180 degree rolled front edge used for all work surfaces, all other edges are laminated with 1mm PVC edging.
  • Epoxy Resin tops  are 1″ thick and come with a 3/16 beveled front edge
  • Phenolic resin or Trespa tops are 3/4′ thick and come with 3/16  beveled edge
  • Stainless steel tops are formed over a 1.125 thick industrial particle board core.
  • ESD laminate is made on the same construction as HPL tops 
HPL Work Surface
  • High pressure laminate, impact resistant
  • 180 degree rolled Ergo front edge
  • 1.125″ thick industrial grade particle board under core
  • Sealed on bottom to prevent warping
Stainless Steel Surface
  • 18ga #304 stainless steel, 1/2 front edge radius
  • Brush finish
  • Stainless steel edging
  • Glued over a 1.125″ thick particle board under core
Chem Surf Laminate
  • Chemical resistant HPL laminate
  • High impact resistant
  • 180 degree ergo front rolled edge
  • 1.125 tick particle board under core
  • Surface is sealed on bottom to prevent warping
Phenolic Resin Work Surface
  • 3/4″ thick surface
  • Chemical and water resistant, see spec sheet for Chem resistance
Trespa work surface
Epoxy Resin Work Surface
  • 1″ thick
  • 3/16″ front chamfered edge
  • Resistant against harsh chemicals
  • Heat resistant
epoxy resin work surface
ESD Laminate
  • High impact resistant laminate
  • Ergo 180 degree front rolled edge
  • 1.125″ thick industrial grade partial board
  • Dissipation level is greater than 10/6th, but less than 10/9th
ESD Ground bolts
Solid Surface Lab Top
  • Anti bacteria
  • 1/2″ thick
  • 1″ front edge build-up
  • Ergo rolled edge
solid Lab surface