Laboratory Sinks & Faucets Options

We offer several different types of sinks, faucets to choose from, pick a sink and faucet that best fits your needs and requirements.  We have resin sinks for use of harsh chemicals, stainless  steel sinks most other  applications.  All sinks are 8 – 10″ in depth x 18 – 20″ width x 15 length, typical cabinet to be used any with sinks are,  30″, 36″, or 47″ wide cabinets

Pre-Rinse Faucet

  • 36″ stainless steel flexible tube
  • Water flow 1.4 gal per min.
  • Mixing faucet
  • Deck or 8″ spread mount
Rinsing faucet

Goose Neck Mixing Faucet

  • 6″ goose neck
  • Deck mount
  • Mixing valve
  • Barbed aerator tip comes standard
Resin sink with goose neck faucet

Epoxy Resin Sinks

  • For harsh water environments
  • 1o ” deep x 15 width x 20 length
  • Center drain locations, comes with 2″ ABS drain
  • Under mount applications
  • 1/4″ lip on all sides
Epoxy Resin sink

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Foot Control Valve

  • Self-closing renewable units with stainless steel valve stems
  • A foot-operated valve can be combined with a deck mounted mixing faucet to create a faucet with both hand and foot controls
ADA Foot control valve

DI Water Faucet

  • Faucet made out of PVC
  • Goose neck deck mounted faucet
  • PCV removable serrated bard
DI Water faucet

Stainless Steel Sink

  • 8″ – 10″ deep x 18 width x 15″ length
  • 18ga heavy gauge 304 stainless steel
  • Under mount applications
Stainless steel sink