Stainless Steel Cabinets & Casework

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  • Stainless steel surgical or medical storage cabinet
  • Double walled doors
  • Strong Institutional stainless steel hinges
  • Adjustable stainless steel shelving
  • Shelves Adjustable in 2 inch increments without hardware
  • Hardware-less shelving system
  • Optional Solid steel or Glass door panels
  • Glass is tempered for safety
  • Optional sliding glass doors or solid hinged door panels
  • Stainless steel grade options, 304 brush finish or 316 Mill finish

Wall Mounted Storage Cabinets

  • 30″, 36″ or 42″ high wall cabinets
  • Two adjustable shelves per 30″ and 36″ and three shelves for 42″ high wall cabs
  • All doors are double walled for quiet close and come with a rubber button for closing
  • We use a heavy duty 110 degree open European self closing hinge
  • Door options: Double stainless steel doors, Glass framed hinged doors, All Glass sliding doors or Glass framed sliding doors

Stainless Steel Base Cabinets

  • All cabinets come 22″ deep x 35″h 36″ overall high with work surface.
  • Drawer combination range from double door (2/0) cabinets, 1 drawer 2 door (2/1) – four or five drawers (0/4 or 0/5),
  • standard load capacity is 100 lbs upgrade to 150 or 200 lb capacity drawers
  • all drawers are made of heavy duty 304 stainless steel
  • Optional medical grade 316 stainless steel

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Fume hood enclosure

Chemical Fume Hoods

Chemical Fume hood enclosure can be mounted on top of base cabinets or on top of a PB frame. For cabinets mounted you have a choice of corrosive cabinets, flammable cabinets or standard cabinets.  Fume hood come standard with;

  • Air flow meter
  • Two 15A duplex outlets
  • Two on/off switches, one for motor one for lights
  • Chain driven safety sash
  • White Trespa chemical resistant interior liner
  • Powder coated baked on paint finish
  • Pre-wired J-box and 12″ pigtail
  • Interior dimension for 72″ hood = 63″ wide x 24″ deep
  • Exterior dimensions for 72″ hood = 72″ wide x 33’deep x 54.5high
  • Vacuum remote service fixtures w/serrated outlet
  • Air remote control service fixture w/serrated outlet
  • Trespa dished work surface