Laminar Flow Workstations Built To Last and Easily Customizable

All of our laminar flow workstations are built in our factory here in the United States. It means you get unsurpassed quality, fast lead times and a very customizable product.

Horizontal Laminar Flow Workstation

Our Laminar Flow workstations provide Class 100 air flow that is down stream of the worker. This unique workstation reduces the noise levels below 62 DBA. Need power or data? Wire and data management troughs are built into the unit and bring utilities from the top of the flow hood to the underside or at the work surface while maintaining class 100 specifications. Standard accessories include (6) 15-amp electrical outlet panel, two circuit wiring system, circuit breaker, variable speed control, water pressure gauge, on/off switch and clear Plexiglas side panels, ESD plexiglass, solid steel, side panels are options.

Specification and Option Horizontal unit:

  • Standard work surface depths are 30″ or 36″ deep
  • Standard widths are, 48″, 60″, 72″, and 96″
  • Filter dimensions, 30″ high filter is used with a 30″ deep work surfaces
  • 36″ high filter is used with all 36” deep work surfaces
  • 6” mini pleat 99.99% Hepa filters
  • .5 Hp high efficiency motor (2) for 72″ flow bench, (1) for 48″ and 60″ flow benches
  • 10″ Direct drive blower assembly (2) for 72″ flow bench, (1) for 48″ and 60″ flow benches
  • Two 15-amp circuit breakers, (1) motors (1) accessories
  • Two on/off switch, (1) motors (1) accessories
  • One 6 outlet electrical box
  • Two 15-amp power cords, (1) motors (1) accessories

Air flow meter options – Differential panel mount air flow meters allows the Laminar flow bench to regulate filter cleanliness, .05 – 1″ to make sure the bench is running at it’s best performance. We offer two types of meters, digital design for a more attractive easy to read performance or the most common needle indicator.


Vertical Laminar Flow Workstation

FFU vertical laminar flow benches come complete with a work surface frame and a upper from to support the FFU filter box.  Air moves down ward from the filter above and through the product being worked on, crating a class 100 environment. Frame in made of 2×2 heavy wall tubing.

Specifications for operation of Vertical FFU (Fan filter unit)

  • 1/2 Hp FFU (Fan Filter Unit 99.99% hepa filter)
  • 3″ mini pleat Hepa 99.99 %
  • Two 15-amp circuit breakers, (1) motors (1) accessories
  • Two on/off switch, (1) FFU (1) accessories, if applicable
  • One 15-amp power cords, (1) FFU
  • Variable speed control knob
  • FFU filter unit 24 deep x 48 wide
  • Noise level <.58 DBA
  • EL outlets mounted to front or rear beam (Optional)
  • Light fixture in front
  • Clear Plexiglas on side panels
  • Solid steel rear panel
    • Optional features:
    • ESD, Stainless steel, Phenolic resin tops (optional)
    • Front tool drawer
    • Data port for data cables

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