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A portable clean room can meet all your regulatory restraints, so you can produce a superior product

Portable Clean Room

Custom Made Portable Clean Room

We can design and manufacture almost any size clean room for your particular needs. All of our clean rooms are built based on the following:

  • Room dimensions per customer specifications
  • Hinged swing door with 200 lb. stainless lab grade hinges
  • (4) LED overhead lights
  • Electrical channel mounted to room frame, 15 or 20 Amp outlets
  • Twist lock power cord for motors and lights, terminating from “J” box
  • Glass panel sidewalls are secured to wall frames using two-sided foam tape to help prevent air from leaking out of room. Steel frame joined together using nut and bolt hardware.
  • Glass panel sidewalls are ¼” thick Plexiglas attached to formed vertical rails
  • Leveling glides to make room level when ground is uneven
  • 1” air gap under frame to allow air intake and exhaust
  • Optional lanced side tow kick panel to help air intake and exhaust
  • Ceiling tiles covered with steel panels
  • Workbench table is optional, or use existing workbench in the room
  • The room can be installed by optional trained installers or you can do it yourself
  • The final electrical connections need to be done by a licensed electrician
  • Products ship on a pallet and assembly is required
portable-clean room

What are the Advantages of a Portable Clean Room?

Portable, modular clean rooms do have advantages over conventional, brick-and-mortar clean rooms. Their unique, flexible capabilities include:

Versatility – They can be assembled, disassembled or relocated at any time.  This is especially important as businesses grow and change.

Reconfiguration  They are comparatively inexpensive to make larger, smaller or change shapes as needs change.

Cleanliness Control – They are easy to retrofit as specifications and other requirements change.

Cost  They offer a customized, clean environment at a fraction of the cost associated with a conventional cleanroom. An average cost for a 10’ x 10’ portable cleanroom is $10,000 to $15,000, depending on the controls and specifications needed.

Lead Time – They can be delivered at a fraction of the time that it takes to build a conventional cleanroom.

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