Mobile Push Carts

We have several designs to handle a multitude of laboratory environments and tasks. All our carts are built in our factory here in the United States.

Mobile Push Carts

36” wide x 24” deep x 36”high

  • Carts come standard with T-molded edge.
  • Carts come with three shelves, ESD is optional.
  • All shelves are adjustable
  • Mobile carts will support 500-lbs. evenly distributed.
  • Steel push Handle is optional

mobile cart

Computer Carts

24”deep x 30”wide x 54”high

  • Carts come equipped with a 20”d top shelf, 24”d work surface, 18”d lower shelf and casters.
  • CPU holder and keyboard are optional accessories
  • 24”d work surface, 18”d lower shelf and casters.
  • ESD and other accessories are optional.
  • 24”d work surface, 18”d lower shelf and casters.
  • Both series shelves can be infinitely adjustable with the exception of the top shelf.

Tall Mobile Carts

24”deep x 36”wide x 60”high

  • Carts are offered in two series, Production Series, (PB)or the Concept 2000 series, (C2).
  • Carts come with three adjustable steel shelves and one Tmold top shelf.
  • Casters come with two locking and two swivel.
  • Shelves are constructed of the same material as the work surface
  • Both series shelves have an infinite adjustment range.
  • Casters are rated at 250 lbs each.
  • ESD shelves and other accessories are all optional.

Lab Resin Drawer Cart

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