Shelving & Upper Cabinet Options

Our Shelving and Upper Cabinet options can be customized for use on our Concept 2000 and Production Workbenches.

Steel Shelving

Available depth sizes are 12″, 15″, & 18″.  Comes with front lip and two brackets.

  • All C2 shelves are infinitely adjustable,
  • PB shelves adjust on 1″ increments,
  • Both style shelves can be tilted forward 15%,
  • All shelves come with load bearing shelf support,  100 lb load rated, evenly distributed,
  • Extra heavy duty shelves are available
Steel shelving

Laminate Shelving

Available depth sizes are 12″, 15″ & 18″.  Comes with two mounting brackets and a load beam,

  • Shelf material is the same material used on the work surface.
  • Load bearing capacity 150 lbs.
  • Heavier load capacity shelves are available.
  • C2 shelves are infinitely adjustable
  • PB shelves adjust on 1″ increments
  • Heavy duty PB and C2 shelves are available
Laminate shelf

Wire Shelf

12″ deep x XX

  • Shelves are made of heavy gauge wire
  • Finished with a silver zinc epoxy powder coat
  • All wire shelves come with a 1″ front wire lip
  • 50 lb load rating evenly distributed
  • C2 shelves can tilt 15 degrees forward
  • PB shelves can tilt via an upgraded tilting bracket
Wire Shelf

Split Shelf Frame

  • The split shelf design provides additional shelving and/or other hang-on accessories where needed.
  • Overall 30″ x XX
  • Mounts to the inside uprights of C2 benches
  • PB bench comes with three uprights and center upright has double slots
  • Overhead Hutches, Electrical Channel, Shelves and other accessories can all mount to the frame
  • All WSI accessories can mount to either side on the split shelf unit…
Split Shelf Frame
split shelf frame

Upper Cabinet

Steel Flipper Door Hutch unit is constructed of heavy gauge steel

  • Door retracts and slides inside the cabinet.
  • All doors come with two inserted plastic handle for easy lift
  • All doors come with one lock
  • Available sizes are, 36″, 48″, 60″ & 72″
  • Cabinets come with two mounting brackets
  •  (2) 48″ hutches are used for 96″ bench
Under counter light

Peg Board

  • Steel peg board and parts cup panels are 24″h x 30″, 36″, 48″, 60″, 72″ wide
  • Peg board holes are 3/16 dia on 1” centers
  • Panels can mount to C2 uprights or PB frame
  • Made of heavy gauge material
  • Powder coated paint finish
  • Pegs not included

Parts Cup Panel & Parts Cup Rail

  • Made of heavy duty gauge steel to prevent rail from sagging
  • Standard C2 cup rail is available with or without tilting brackets
  • Tilt adjustment 15 degrees forward
  • Adjustable Angle Brackets produce ergonomic value by gravity feeding parts with forward tilt
  • Standard rail mounts to uprights
  • Parts cup rail panel 24” h x 30″, 36″
  • Multi bin rail is 6″ high and has the ability of hanging two or three rows of part cups