About Workstation Industries

Our Mission

We are committed to making the difference.

  • The difference is demonstrated by providing superior service to our customers, with integrity, skill and knowledge.
  • We work for you by creating a personal one on one relationship with each and every customer.
  • We work for you with expressions of creativity and a problem solving attitude.
  • We work for you by upholding the highest industry standards by which our company is known and by living up to the reputation and values that guide our firm on a  day to day basis.
  • We work for you by displaying a strong and progressive niche in the workbench industry, where we strive to make the difference by addressing all of your product and service needs.
  • We work for you by making a difference
  • Through excellence, integrity, innovation and experience to provide the highest standard of service

We work for you…We make the Difference…
All modular technical furniture are UL Listed.

Our Philosophy

Workstation Industries has been a progressive manufacturer in the Lab and technical furniture industries since 1995.

Our basic philosophy is simple:  Define our customer’s wants and needs and then produce quality workstations at a reasonable cost and lead time.

Our hands on customer service assures that our customers are totally satisfied with the product design, quality and workmanship, from start to finish.

We manufacture all of our products on site in over 25,000 square feet of manufacturing space, IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  This provides us the opportunity to control 100% of the manufactured product, thereby offering our clientele one of the best lead times in the industry.

We fabricate all our sheet metal components, weld up all our frames, laminate our work-surfaces and powder paint all our finished goods.  We have CNC sheet metal and wood working equipment and our products are UL Listed for structural integrity and electrical safety.

By controlling all facets of manufacturing, we afford our clients the luxury of custom designs and/or modifications within our existing product line while maintaining competitive pricing and outstanding lead times.

At Workstation Industries no job is too small or too large.